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quitt Comfort 2017

Subscription fee CHF 120.00
Sozialversicherungen AHV

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CHF 120.00 Gutschein

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quitt Comfort

CHF 120.00
Subscription fee per
calendar year

of the gross wage
✔ Lawful employment
✔ Insurance with no minimum premium
✔ Maternity allowance, family equalization, ...
✔ Valid for all employees in your household

Which package is best for me?

Our packages adapt to your individual requirements and needs.

quitt Basicis your insurance solution. In terms of price, you benefit from the cheapest insurance packages of Switzerland. However, you will have to take care of the accounting and the settlement with the cantonal compensation offices yourself as well as all matters regarding accidents, pregnancy, illness and family allowances.
Recommended for pensioners and minors

As the name already suggests, quitt Comfort is your comfortable walkthrough. With the quitt comfort package, you will be free of any paper and administrative work regarding all aspects of your employment relationship. will not only carry out the mandatory registration and all balancing details with the AHV, but will also take care of your insurance as well as the annual social security and the withholding taxes.
Recommended for cleaners, babysitters and gardeners

In case you employ staff with a gross payroll of more than 17,400 CHF per year, quitt Premium is highly recommended to you. quitt Premium is mandatory as soon as the employment requires pension fund payment. This flat rate is your all-inclusive package. Two employees are included in the flat rate, every additional employee liable for pension fund and/or withholding tax, is charged with CHF 290.
Recommended for nannies, caregivers and nursing staff
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Sozialversicherungen AHV

Social Security

✔ Invoicing all mandatory social security insurances
✔ Family equalization fund and maternity allowance
✔ Invoicing withholding tax
✔ Documents for unemployed persons
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Accident insurance (UVG)

BU: 0.60%
NBU: 1.54%
✔ Occupational accident insurance (BU)
✔ From 8h/week: Non-occupational accident insurance
✔ No minimum premium of CHF 100.- for each insurance
✔ Support in case of any accidents

Sick pay insurance (KTG)

CHF 29.00
✔ 80% of wages paid during illness up to 2 years
✔ 30 days waiting period
✔ No minimum premium
✔ Support in case of illness
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Household insurance

CHF 19.00
✔ Protections against damages caused by employees
✔ Coverage of up to CHF 5000.00 per incident
✔ No participation
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Employers' legal protection insurance

CHF 35.00
✔ Coverage of lawyer’s and court fees
✔ No minimal value of claim
✔ No waiting period
✔ No participation